DSC_3454 Welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to come over and read a little about me and my photography journey. I will try not to bore you!

I am a self taught photographer (with the help of the internet and the other amazing photographers I have in my life). I got a camera and I have pretty much never put it down since.  I find myself taking pictures of stuffed animals when my kids are napping (yes I am obsessed). I just love to keep learning. There is and will always be so much to learn about photography and for the first time in my life I have found something that I enjoy reading about, practicing, and pouring my heart and soul into.

I love to look back at the images from when I first started this journey to now and compare how far I have already come. It's what keeps me going and pushing me to learn so much more.

Photography has also landed me some pretty amazing new friends (blog post to follow on this).

Growing up I never had that one thing I wanted to grow up and be. I never had that passion for anything and I never would have thought it would come to me later in life, I had just settled for what my life had to offer. Which don't get me wrong my life was not bad before photography but photography has given me so much more! I actually know what it feels like to have that deep passion for something (I finally know what I want to be when I grow up :)).

I hope as my kids grow up watching me and my husband both work hard and strive for greatness in our passions they will find theirs at a younger age then I did. I hope I can inspire them to go after what they want and not be afraid to put themselves out there.

That was my biggest fear starting this. I would take photos and I would think they were great, but I was so afraid to share them. I was so afraid that I would not get the reaction I was hoping for and didn't like that feeling of vulnerability. It was scary and actually it still is but I am learning to overcome that and just put myself out there. Even if I get crickets after uploading an image on Facebook. Instead of discouraging me I feel like it encourages me to work harder to grad the attention of my audience.

So not only do I have some amazing images of my family, I get to provide families with amazing images and I get to challenge my apprehensive personality.

I hope all will enjoy my images and I hope I get the chance to capture some of you too :) This site is a work in progress and I will be creating more blog posts to fill my categories in the upcoming days.

Thanks for stopping by, I will leave you with some images I took with my daughter today while taking a little break from working!