So this blog has nothing to do with photography but I wanted to share anyways. I have always loved looking at remodel blogs and thought maybe sharing my own would be fun.

Just a little back story on our house. My husband and I bought our first house in 2012. It was the first and only house we looked at, which made my husband a little hesitant, but lets just say I can be pretty persistent when I want something.

We knew we would change a lot about the house and planned to start as soon as possible. Well, the weekend we moved in we found out that we were pregnant! Excited we were but....we only bought a 3 bedroom house and already had 2 kids. So the remodeling had to get put on hold and we built an addition instead to make room for our growing family. The addition gave us another bedroom and a very large multi-purpose room which we use as an office space and playroom.

I mentioned above that I am pretty persistent when I want something right? Well after the addition I decided I couldn't live without a swimming pool. So.....we got a swimming pool. 

So needless to say, our home remodeling didn't get started until 2017. We started with the laundry room, half bath and kitchen. I am so happy with the way they all turned out. 

Our kitchen is small and we didn't have a pantry before the remodel. There wasn't much we could do to make the actual space larger but we definitely succeeded at gaining a lot more cabinet space. We plan to replace the windows you see in the dining room with interior windows but that will be a little while since we have just started another huge remodel project in the living room. More on that soon!

Here are some before and after pictures. I am so in love with the way it turned out!